Wholesale Distribution Challenges

Distributors require balance in facing challenges and responding to them…


These include:


    • Meeting customer demands and requirements


    • Managing complex product inventories


    • Managing and monitoring cost margins


    • Managing the fluctuation and variations within the supply chain globally

Key Features


    • Fully-integrated sales, financial, purchasing and inventory management


    • Cloud-based, access anytime from any device


    • Fully-integrated workflow


    • Real-time dashboard views


    • Customer portals


    • Sales and Marketing automation


    • Multiple warehouses


    • Document search


Attend to Challenges

A well established organization has processes in place for inventory management and control as well as purchasing and order fulfillment. Successful businesses know how important it is to adapt to change and new technology in order to meet new marketplace requirements and changes. These businesses are willing to adopt new techniques to take advantage of better performance and opportunities.

Invest in your Distribution's future

A 2015 Aberdeen report, “What Has Changed in Wholesale Distribution: 2015 & Beyond,” revealed that distribution market leaders invested twice as many resources in technology than their less-successful competitors. The report emphasized the need to change processes and invest in technology.*


“Leaders are saying goodbye to manual processes by investing in automation at twice the rate of followers.”
“These leaders are using automation to provide integrated workflows and collaboration to all parties in the demand-to-fulfill network, across each inventory and fulfill/deliver stream.”

Small and Medium Sized Distributor Solutions

With today’s advanced technology, wholesale distribution software solutions are readily available for all business sizes. Wholesale Distributors have the option to choose to purchase their system or choose a pay-per-use (Software as a Service or SaaS) monthly subscription.