Control Manufacturing Costs

Reduce costs by balancing supply and demand…


An ERP solution is an information management system with two primary objectives in mind:


Manage and balance supply and demand by developing and executing operating plans to ensure and deliver product to meet customer demands


Reduce product cost and exhaust as much as possible while doing so.


The planning function within ERP, Material Requirements Planning (MRP), creates a production and purchasing schedule that lessens inventory while boosting availability.


As a result, purchase orders and manufacturing orders are planned to be completed and bring in inventory only when necessary. MRP relies on good data — BOM, inventory, order status, demand – to do its job effectively and accurately.

The integrated JAMS for Acumatica solution will help you keep your data accurate and up-to-date.

Key Features


    • Multiple Site MRP


    • Production Order Changes/Modifications and Tracking


    • Lot/Serial Tracking


    • Master Production Schedule


    • Labor Tracking


    • Back-flushing Labor and/or Material


    • Barcode Integration


    • Bucketless System


    • Full Regeneration


    • Production Performance


    • Multiple Costing Methods and Capabilities
    • Production Performance


    • Scheduling

Production Management is the Heart of Measuring Cost

You need an easy and accurate solution to track what you are designing, assembling, blending, or fabricating that supports:

Complex product structure in multi-level bills of material (BOM)
Detailed routings, including outside processes
Multiple revisions to a product
Complete and accurate product and process data drives improvements in:

Timely and economical material procurement
Effective production scheduling
as-built configuration documentation to support servicing products in the field